mobile-infographic Infographic: Growth of Digital Payments & Mobile

Mobile payment options, like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, have had a tough time holding onto love from consumers. But, these payment options are improving regularly and they aren’t going

Could Mobile Payments Make Shoppers Spend More?

Mobile payments are driving the future of retail forward. Here are a few ways and some data points on how they're doing that.

The Future of Millenials & Mobile Payments

The use of mobile payments is expected to grow approximately 210% in 2016, reaching a transaction total of $27 billion. But who is driving this surge in mob

The Green Marketing Act Paco Underhill

In 2016, cardboard displays and packaging whose design is based on the premise that it has to stand out at the point of sale are seen as incredibly wasteful. What

analytics-buyer Buyer Beware: Analytics Are For You As Well

Retail analytics can also be useful for a portion of the retail ecosphere that is often overlooked: buyers and planners. The telling data and insights can help buyers and planners

Legal Impediments to Big Data & Retail

Maneuvering through the legal and regulatory minefield around customer data is a growing concern among retailers. In fact, regulatory concerns are the second largest impediment to data collection and analysis

What information can retailers see when they track customer movements?

Customers have shown concern about businesses using physical tracking - but they might feel differently if they knew the data that was being used.