Infographic: Growth of Digital Payments & Mobile

Mobile payment options, like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, have had a tough time holding onto love from consumers. But, these payment options are improving regularly and they aren’t going

Could Mobile Payments Make Shoppers Spend More?

Mobile payments are driving the future of retail forward. Here are a few ways and some data points on how they're doing that.

The Future of Millenials & Mobile Payments

The use of mobile payments is expected to grow approximately 210% in 2016, reaching a transaction total of $27 billion. But who is driving this surge in mob

The Green Marketing Act Paco Underhill

In 2016, cardboard displays and packaging whose design is based on the premise that it has to stand out at the point of sale are seen as incredibly wasteful. What

Using Online Data To Drive In-Store Traffic

To engage omni-channel shoppers, today’s marketers first need to understand who they are. At a basic level, this means knowing important factors about the customer such as gender, demographic, location,

Omnichannel Retail Index

The National Retail Federation and e-digital consultancy FitForCommerce released a report that examines 120 retailers across multiple categories and their use of omnichannel strategies across web, mobile and store.

Omnichannel Retailing and Data Analytics: Leveling the Playing Field

As a follow up to their MIT SMR article, “Competing in the Age of Omnichannel Retailing,” the authors delve into the challenges and successes in the new world of physical,