Distinctive Experiences
March 7, 2017
Today we are in an Experience Economy where goods and services are no longer enough; what consumers want are experiences – memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way. But in the two scant decades since we first wrote about this natural economic progression beyond the Agrarian, Industrial, and Service Economies, the Read More
Benchmarking Retail Shoppability
March 7, 2017
The ultimate goal of retailing is to bring together supply and demand; to connect the needs and desires of shoppers with available products and services. While progress has been made managing the supply side, the news is not as good on the demand side. Merchants continue to have difficulty creating retail environments that engage shoppers Read More
Identifying and Quantifying The Lost Opportunities Not Captured By Big Data
March 7, 2017
Big data captured by retailers’ UPC scanners and customer loyalty cards reflect what has sold, but do not reveal why people made their selections or measure what people considered but left behind. Understanding shopper motivations and lost opportunities requires an approach that integrates three types of data that are typically kept separate: observations of actual Read More
Organizing & Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence
March 7, 2017
To achieve customer experience excellence, businesses must engineer their approach to maximize stakeholder value around the customer agenda. It’s critical to understand the total customer journey, not just individual touchpoints, and listen to the customer’s voice through an array of sources that fully reflect customers’ views and attitudes. In the following discussion, we review three Read More
The Customer Membership Experience: Amazon Prime Versus Costco Wholesale Club
March 7, 2017
This inquiry provides an in-depth analysis of the relative performance of Amazon Prime and Costco in order to illuminate how proper management of retail membership and subscription programs can enhance the customer experience. The analysis relies on data from Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape research program, a survey-based methodology for measuring the influence of the customer experience, Read More
Strategies To Drive Financial Growth Through Customer Centric Experience
March 6, 2017
The retail sector remains a fiercely competitive, low margin sector. Retail executives are therefore very focused on making the right investments to drive growth. Over the last couple of years, there has been an increased discussion on customer experience providing a competitive differentiator. This study establishes the financial impact of customer centricity on retail performance, Read More
Digital Distraction: Threat or Opportunity For Retail Marketing
November 23, 2016
More than 90% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping in retail stores, according to a survey from SessionM. Clearly, consumers are relying more on their mobile devices to communicate, research products and acquire information during the in-store journey.  And while it’s no surprise that shoppers are heavily using their mobile devices in-store there has Read More
Could Your Last Name Affect How You Shop?
November 9, 2016
Throughout childhood, individuals are exposed to alphabetical ordering systems in a variety of different settings. Children with last names deep in the alphabet often find themselves waiting longer and getting ready to complete a task at a later point in time than those whose name appear at the beginning. Could a lifetime of being last Read More
Bricks Beat Clicks For Back-To-School
August 4, 2016
When it comes to back-to-school shopping, kids have all the power – and they strongly prefer shopping in-store. A recent study by Citi Retail Services revealed that kids wield extraordinary power over back-to-school purchase decisions, and those decisions include shopping for goods in physical stores. Surveyed parents indicated that nearly half (47%) of shopping decisions Read More
Adaptability: The Key To Surviving Retail Evolution
February 29, 2016
Adaptability is the new hallmark of successful retail strategies, offering retailers a proactive way to meet the demands of consumers who are racing ahead to embrace an ever more connected and integrated shopping experience.