Understanding The Drivers Of Shopper Loyalty Across Retail Channels
March 21, 2018
With increasing competition across channels, retailers and their manufacturing partners need to understand the factors that drive shoppers to patronize their stores, differentiate themselves from competitors, and optimize the shopper’s journey to secure future loyalty.  Using an online survey of over 8,500 shoppers and structural equation modeling (SEM), this research uncovers key factors that drive Read More
Virtual Reality For Shopper Research
March 21, 2018
Computer graphic simulations of retail shopping environments have become a popular tool for conducting marketing research, allowing manufacturers and retailers to test innovative marketing concepts with shoppers in realistic, competitive contexts.  Virtual store tests can deliver more detailed behavioral data than traditional methods of consumer research and are faster and less expensive than in-store field Read More
Improving The Online Grocery Shopping Experience
March 21, 2018
Consumers have been slow to adopt the online channel for grocery shopping in the U.S., and an important reason may be the design of the user interface. This study explores whether changing the e-commerce interface from the common “electronic catalog” format (popularized by Amazon) to a more photorealistic shelf display would facilitate online shopping for Read More
Flower Power! The Influence Of An In-Store Gift On Emotional Arousal And  Shopper Behavior
March 21, 2018
Marketers invest significant innovation and communication effort across media channels to predispose consumers to purchase, and yet the natural in-store shopping environment remains underleveraged for motivating consumers. The current research introduces a simple in-store method of inducing a positive emotional response and demonstrates its impact on a range of shopping behaviors and perceptions. Results reveal Read More
Why We’re Examining The Customer Experience
March 20, 2018
Interest in understanding, measuring and managing the customer experience has exploded during the last 20 years, as companies discover that the shopping environment can have a powerful influence on customer behavior; capturing the attention and interest of shoppers, guiding them to relevant products and brands, motivating them to buy now, fulfilling their needs and desires, Read More
Distinctive Experiences
March 7, 2017
Today we are in an Experience Economy where goods and services are no longer enough; what consumers want are experiences – memorable events that engage each individual in an inherently personal way. But in the two scant decades since we first wrote about this natural economic progression beyond the Agrarian, Industrial, and Service Economies, the Read More
Benchmarking Retail Shoppability
March 7, 2017
The ultimate goal of retailing is to bring together supply and demand; to connect the needs and desires of shoppers with available products and services. While progress has been made managing the supply side, the news is not as good on the demand side. Merchants continue to have difficulty creating retail environments that engage shoppers Read More
Identifying and Quantifying The Lost Opportunities Not Captured By Big Data
March 7, 2017
Big data captured by retailers’ UPC scanners and customer loyalty cards reflect what has sold, but do not reveal why people made their selections or measure what people considered but left behind. Understanding shopper motivations and lost opportunities requires an approach that integrates three types of data that are typically kept separate: observations of actual Read More
Organizing & Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence
March 7, 2017
To achieve customer experience excellence, businesses must engineer their approach to maximize stakeholder value around the customer agenda. It’s critical to understand the total customer journey, not just individual touchpoints, and listen to the customer’s voice through an array of sources that fully reflect customers’ views and attitudes. In the following discussion, we review three Read More
The Customer Membership Experience: Amazon Prime Versus Costco Wholesale Club
March 7, 2017
This inquiry provides an in-depth analysis of the relative performance of Amazon Prime and Costco in order to illuminate how proper management of retail membership and subscription programs can enhance the customer experience. The analysis relies on data from Kantar Retail’s ShopperScape research program, a survey-based methodology for measuring the influence of the customer experience, Read More