Colors and Cultures: Exploring the Effect of Mall Décor on Consumer Perceptions
March 1, 2007
A field study explores the effects of warm versus cool color mall décors on shopper perceptions by subculture. French-Canadians had higher perceptions of product quality when the mall exhibited a warm color décor. In contrast, Anglo-Canadians had higher perceptions of product quality when the mall exhibited a cool color décor. The analysis indicates that the Read More
Customer Delight in a Retail Context
August 1, 2005
The concept of delight is of great interest to practitioners who understand that to keep customers loyal, a firm must go beyond merely satisfying to truly delighting them [Bus. Mark. Dig. 17 (1992) 17; Mark. News 24 (1990) 10]. However, few studies specifically dedicated to customer delight have surfaced in the marketing literature [J. Retail. Read More
Mall Atmospherics: the interaction effects of the mall environment on shopping behavior
May 1, 2005
The authors investigate the moderating effects of ambient odors on shoppers’ emotions, perceptions of the retail environment, and perceptions of product quality under various levels of retail density. The context for the experiment is a real-life field location—in a community shopping mall. The pleasing ambient scents are hypothesized to positively moderate shoppers’ perceptions of their Read More