Consumer Satisfaction

Do Satisfied Customers Buy More?
October 1, 2005
In this research, the authors propose that the relationship between satisfaction and repurchase behavior is moderated by customer, relational, and marketplace characteristics. They further hypothesize that the moderating effects emerge if repurchase is measured as objective behavior but not if it is measured as repurchase intentions. To test for systematic differences in effects, the authors Read More
Customer Delight in a Retail Context
August 1, 2005
The concept of delight is of great interest to practitioners who understand that to keep customers loyal, a firm must go beyond merely satisfying to truly delighting them [Bus. Mark. Dig. 17 (1992) 17; Mark. News 24 (1990) 10]. However, few studies specifically dedicated to customer delight have surfaced in the marketing literature [J. Retail. Read More