Customer Emotions

Developing and validating a psychometric shopper-based mall equity measure
June 1, 2009
This paper introduces a new retailing concept called shopper-based mall equity (SBME). SBME is the differential effect of mall knowledge on shoppers’ responses to a mall’s marketing activities. The results of a study in two Canadian shopping malls consisting of 905 shoppers who were administered a questionnaire suggest that SBME is a bi-dimensional construct, composing Read More
Using Transformational Appeals to Enhance the Retail Experience
September 23, 2008
Entertaining, emotional and stimulating advertising enhance a consumer’s intial retail experience, particularly when benefits are subjective and emotionally based Methodology Two field studies and controlled follow-up experiments of spa guests and undergrads Channel resort & spa, chocolate Source JOR 2008, v84, pg. 49-57 Author Naylor,Kleiser, Baker, Yorkston