Digital & Physical Integration

Why We’re Tracking Digital and Physical Integration
November 8, 2017
Shopping in physical stores offers consumers something unique and valuable compared to the digital domain: a social experience and a tactile experience. But, a bevy of academic and industry research shows that shoppers are now seeing less value and pleasure in this core element of the physical retail experience. A key reason for this declining Read More
The Rise of Digital and The Impact on In-Store Engagement
November 8, 2017
While grocery shoppers once rallied exclusively around Sunday circulars and in-aisle coupons, now they rely on a mix of traditional and digital promotions to maximize their shopping experience according to HelloWorld’s 2017 Digital and In-Store Engagement survey. The survey polled 1,600+ U.S. residents ages 18-65 about their engagement, rewards, and purchase behaviors while shopping for Read More