Online Atomspherics

The Effect of Web Interface Features on Consumer Online Purchase Intentions
January 1, 2009
Corporations spend millions of dollars a year creating and maintaining corporate websites, yet many of these sites fail to reach the organization’s goals. Recent research suggests that these failures reflect poor website design, yet this research lacks the specificity necessary to provide practical recommendations for improving site performance. This study fills that gap by providing Read More
Culture Influences on Emotional Responses to Online Store Atmospheric Cues
August 1, 2008
On-line retailing created a global marketplace with an innumerable array of competitors. Essential to on-line store’s ability to attract and retain customers globally is its store atmospherics, which are design elements used to garner attention and create a positive buying environment [Kotler Phillip. Atmospherics as a marketing tool. Journal of Retailing 1974; 49: 48–64.]. The Read More
Hedonic and utilitarian shopping goals: The online experience
April 1, 2008
Marketers offering Web-based shopping typically try to provide a convenient, safe, and pleasant online environment, appropriate to addressing shoppers’ functional goals. They might also try to create an experience that encourages more escapist elements of “flow”, a sense of deep involvement that is intrinsically enjoyable, because they assume that this enhanced experience leads to more Read More
Determinants of Perceived Website Interactivity
March 1, 2008
This article identifies the key determinants that enhance user perceptions of interactivity in a communication scenario in which consumers send instant messages to an e-store. Two conceptualizations of interactivity—telepresence theory and interactivity theory—predict that different antecedents (e.g., the number of clicks, response time, message type) are important. Telepresence theory posits that information is not merely Read More