Influence of Seller Strategy on Winning Price in Online Auctions
January 1, 2009
This paper examines the impact of seller strategy on winning prices in online auctions. In our conceptual model, three strategic choices made by the seller – minimum opening price, auction length, and use of a hidden reserve price – are mediated by the number of bids placed during the auction and moderated by product type. Read More
Cents or Percent? The Effects of Promotion Framing on Price Expectations and Choice
July 1, 2007
Previous research has shown that the monetary value of a promotion (promotion depth) affects choice during the promotion period. However, as promotion depth increases, consumers might lower their expectations of future price, which in turn may threaten future choice when prices return to normal levels. This research examines how promotion frame (percentage off versus cents Read More
Making Sales Technology Effective
January 1, 2007
Firms invest billions of dollars in sales technologies (STs; e.g., customer relationship management, sales automation tools) to improve sales force effectiveness and efficiency. However, the results expected from ST investments are often not achieved. This article proposes relationship-forging tasks that are critical to the link between ST use and key aspects of salesperson performance (i.e., Read More