Gender-Related Wayfinding Time of Mall Shoppers
October 1, 2008
The relative superiority of males over females with respect to wayfinding performance in real life is not clearly established in the literature. The present study aims at clarifying the issue in the specific case of wayfinding in shopping malls environment. An experimental study using actual shoppers in a mall showed that the relationship between gender Read More
Lost in a mall, the effects of gender, familiarity with the shopping mall and the shopping values on shoppers’ wayfinding processes
November 1, 2005
Shoppers’ wayfinding is an increasingly important problem in the management of shopping malls. Yet, it remains underresearched. The present study, undertaken in a shopping mall with real shoppers (N=156), aims at understanding the extent to which three characteristics of shoppers, i.e., gender, familiarity with the mall, and shopping values, affect the processes and the information Read More