Flower Power! The Influence Of An In-Store Gift On Emotional Arousal And  Shopper Behavior


Marketers invest significant innovation and communication effort across media channels to predispose consumers to purchase, and yet the natural in-store shopping environment remains underleveraged for motivating consumers. The current research introduces a simple in-store method of inducing a positive emotional response and demonstrates its impact on a range of shopping behaviors and perceptions. Results reveal that when shoppers receive an in-person gift of a flower early in the shopping experience, it significantly increases their emotional arousal, reduces visual attention to price, boosts shopping enjoyment, and improves touch-to-purchase conversion rates, compared to shoppers who did not receive the flower gift. These findings suggest an opportunity for retailers and marketers to leverage environmental cues at the point of purchase to improve shopper satisfaction and potentially drive purchases.

Elissa Moses, CEO, Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center is a pioneer in applied neuroscience. At Ipsos, she has expanded the portfolio of nonconsious measurement to include EEG, biometrics, facial coding, eye tracking, implicit reaction time testing and voice analytics to be accessible throughout the world. Prior she was Chief Analytics Officer at EmSense, Managing Partner at Grey Advertising, Founder and Managing Director of the Brainwaves Group and SVP, Head of Global Consumer Intelligence and Strategy at Philips. She is a frequently published thought leader, author of the $100 Billion Allowance: Accessing the Global Teen Market and a speaker throughout the globe. She can be reached at elissa.moses@ipsos.com.

Dr. Laura E. Beavin is a research consultant in the space of consumer and behavioral neuroscience and an adjunct professor of psychology. Dr. Beavin has served as Manager of R&D for the Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center and as the Senior Research Manager for Coherency. She can be reached at laura.beavin@gmail.com.

Dr. Lisa Zaval, is a behavioral scientist with broad expertise in decision science, social psychology and behavioral economics, and serves as Director of Scientific Research at the Ipsos Neuro and Behavioral Science Center. She can be reached at lisa.zaval@ipsos.com.

Kirk Hendrickson, CEO, Eye Faster, a leading provider of shopper research using eye tracking, developed his expertise in eye tracking and shopper research while leading worldwide field operations for EmSense Corporation and product management for MarketTools, Inc. Kirk holds a patent for conducting surveys on mobile phones and was twice a finalist for the EXPLOR Awards. He can be reached at kirk.hendrickson@eyefaster.com.