Organizing & Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence

Spring 2017
By Craig Ryder, Torsten Fritz & Gustavo Imhof | KPMG Nunwood

To achieve customer experience excellence, businesses must engineer their approach to maximize stakeholder value around the customer agenda. It’s critical to understand the total customer journey, not just individual touchpoints, and listen to the customer’s voice through an array of sources that fully reflect customers’ views and attitudes. In the following discussion, we review three tools for measuring the voice of the customer — transactional, relational, and journey studies, and explain their roles, providing a holistic understanding and sustainable transformation of the customer experience (CX). We find that transactional research is particularly useful for capturing real-time feedback to fine-tune day-to-day operations and recover dissatisfied customers, while relational research, measuring remembered experiences, is most helpful in guiding CX transformation investment. We conclude with a discussion of the KPMG Nunwood Six Pillars, which capture customers’ perceptions of CX best practice and help organizations understand where they have both systemic and specific failures and opportunities for improvement.

Craig Ryder is Consulting Director for customer strategy and experience consultancy KPMG Nunwood. Prior to joining the
organisation in 2010, he held a range of commercial and strategic roles in Grocery and General Merchandise Retail. He is a regular speaker
on the conference circuit. For further information about this article, please contact

Torsten Fritz heads up KPMG Nunwood’s Insight and CX Measurement practice designing and running Voice of the Customer
programs across a range of industries.

Gustavo Imhof is a Senior Insight Executive and a regular contributor to KPMG Nunwood’s customer experience blog.


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