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Thank you for your interest in submitting an article to the Journal of Shopper Research. This peer-reviewed, open access journal is published by Shop!, a trade association focused on enhancing retail environments and experiences, in both print and online formats. The Journal publishes quality academic and commercial research providing new knowledge and understanding of shopper behavior with the potential to improve business practice. We are particularly interested in research that helps to identify the consumer, product, and contextual factors that are most influential in the shopper’s journey and drive the conversion of consumer demand into purchase.


Research articles should have the following four characteristics:

The Journal welcomes interdisciplinary work, papers with multi-method approaches, articles on global issues in shopper research, and manuscripts involving multichannel interactive marketing approaches. Special themed issues are planned on several contemporary topics, as noted elsewhere on this website, and relevant submissions are encouraged.

All manuscripts are judged on the depth and scope of the ideas presented, their contributions to the field, and their clarity of presentation. Under conditions of space constraints and equal potential contribution to marketing knowledge, an article with a broader readership appeal is more likely to be published in the Journal. For specific questions about content or editorial policy, please contact the editorial staff.


Publishing in the Journal of Shopper Research provides authors with the opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership by sharing “new to the world” frameworks, research findings, and insights with an audience of academics and practitioners who are engaged in shopper research, and can apply the findings to improve business practice.

There are several reasons why the Journal is an excellent outlet for your published work:


Initial article submissions are not required to meet strict formatting and presentation guidelines. Instead, authors should focus on clearly communicating what’s new and important about the research, and describing the supporting evidence. Only when your paper is at the revision stage, will you be asked to revise your manuscript to follow a standardized format for publication.

For the initial submission, please include the following elements:

Please try to be clear and concise. There is no prescribed page limit, but the work will be evaluated based on the number and quality of insights per page, as judged by the Editorial Board. The article should be written in an interesting, readable manner that is accessible to a non-specialist. Descriptions of technical procedures, mathematical proofs, and/or other content that is not critical to the central exposition may be placed in a technical appendix.


Please keep the following points in mind as you prepare your article for submission:

When your article is ready to submit to the Journal of Shopper Research, please use the Editorial Manager online portal to upload your materials. First-time authors will be asked to create an Editorial Manager Author user account in order to proceed. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Select Article Type: “Research Manuscript”
  2. Enter Title: Full Title (up to 300 characters)
  3. Add/Edit/Remove Authors: Add additional authors besides yourself. Please include the name, email, and institution affiliation for each co-author.
  4. Submit Abstract: Type or copy/paste your manuscript’s abstract (up to 300 words)
  5. Enter Keywords: Enter up to five keywords for your manuscript
  6. Select Classifications: Select up to 10 classifications for your manuscript
  7. Additional Information: Answer the additional required questions listed
  8. Enter Comments: Enter any comments to be sent to the Editorial Office
  9. Suggest Reviewers: List people you would like to review your manuscript*
  10. Oppose Reviewers: List people you would prefer not to review your manuscript
  11. Select Region of Origin: Select your region of origin
  12. Attach Files: Upload all applicable documents for the manuscript.

*Any suggestions for reviewers should be free from conflicts of interest (no colleagues, co-authors, recent former colleagues, close friends, advisers, etc.).

If you would like to discuss your paper prior to submission, or seek advice on the submission process, please contact the editorial staff: Raymond Burke or Greg Smith.