The Role of Gender and Work Status in Shopping Center Patronage


Substantial research in marketing has examined the impact of store atmospherics on retail store patronage [Baker Julie. Parasuraman A. Grewal Dhruv. Voss Glenn B. The Influence of Multiple Store Environment Cues on Perceived Merchandise Value and Patronage Intentions. Journal of Marketing. 2002; 66 (April):120–41]. In addition, research has examined the effect of gender and work status on social influence and role expectations within the context of shopping center patronage [Evans Kenneth R. Christiansen Tim. Gill James D. The Impact of Social Influence and Role Expectations on Shopping Center Patronage Intentions. Academy of Marketing Science Journal. 1996; 24 (Summer): 208–18]. This research extends previous research and examines the differential effects of gender and work status characteristics on the relationship between shopping mall characteristics (including atmospherics) and consumer shopping center patronage. The results of a study of 1015 shoppers demonstrate that there are few significant differences between models for men and women, and even between women who work outside the home and those who do not. Implications and directions for future research are derived.

intercept study of 1015 shoppers in downtown Montreal mall

shopping malls

Journal of Business Research
Volume 61, Issue 8, August 2008, Pages 825–833

Nusser A. Raajpoota, Arun Sharmab, Jean-Charles Chebatc

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