Why We’re Examining The Customer Experience


Interest in understanding, measuring and managing the customer experience has exploded during the last 20 years, as companies discover that the shopping environment can have a powerful influence on customer behavior; capturing the attention and interest of shoppers, guiding them to relevant products and brands, motivating them to buy now, fulfilling their needs and desires, and encouraging them to return in the future. The customer experience has become a strategic tool for companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, build customer relationships, and drive financial performance. To leverage this opportunity, marketers need clear, concise, and current insights about what affects shopper behavior and the implications for business practice. These insights should be based on rigorous and objective research, with findings that will generalize across products and contexts.

The Journal of Shopper Research has assembled studies by some of the leading marketing professionals and academic scholars in shopper marketing, who are using the results to help guide business decisions at major firms. Several important themes emerge from this work. We learn the limitations of transactional data and the importance of understanding the total customer journey, listening to the customer’s voice, and observing behavior using an array of sources. Across the studies, we see that the customer experience has a substantial impact on shopper behavior and firm performance, and that specific drivers can be identified and used to diagnose a firm’s strengths and weaknesses. The studies also illustrate how the shopper’s personal involvement in the experience, the emotional response, and the memories that are created during the interaction are critical to understanding the enduring influence of the customer experience. No single article provides all of the answers, but collectively they advance our understanding of the theory, methodology, and practice of customer experience management.

Below is a list of articles published by the Journal on this topic:

Strategies to Drive Financial Growth Through Customer Centric Experience

-Akshay Nigan and Julian Highley [Download]

The Customer Membership Experience: Amazon Prime Versus Costco Wholesale Club

-Gregory Rich, Douglas Ewing, Steven Koppitsch, and Rachel McGuire [Download]

Organizing and Measuring to Deliver Customer Experience Excellence

-Craig Ryder, Torsten Fritz and Gustavo Imhof [Download]

Identifying and Quantifying the Lost Opportunities Not Captured by Big Data

-John Dranow [Download]

Benchmarking Retail Shoppability

-Raymond Burke and Neil Morgan [Download]

Distinctive Experiences

-Joseph Pine II and James Gilmore [Download]